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The Critical Key To Succession October 13, 2011

Posted by Kevin Burns in build a better workplace.

Succession Planning is on the minds of many organizations today. As older workers retire, the challenge is to get the information out of the heads of the retiring workers and into the heads of a new generation of workers.

And this is where it all falls apart.

Don’t even try.

Yes, get the information out of the heads of your retiring workers. Yes, do whatever is necessary to get retiring workers to commit to disseminating what they know and yes, put it someplace where future generations of workers can get to it.

But don’t expect that the new generation of worker will WANT to put all of that information into their own heads. They won’t. They don’t. In fact, what’s the point? They change jobs more often than any other generation. Really? Do you want to invest in getting the info into their heads only to have them walk away from the job within a year or two?

No. Put it in a place where everyone can access it. Get it on video, audio, written word, seminar, workshop, PowerPoint but DO SOMETHING.

Generation Y is probably the best generation for being able to locate information only when they need it and not have to walk around with it in their heads. Theirs is a generation of written (albeit short form text code but it is written) word. They will want to access the writing or video or other media. That’s where it should be anyway – not wasting away in someone’s head where you’re going to have to try to retrieve it when they leave.

Think ahead.

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