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Video: Why Mid-Managers Are The Lifeblood June 14, 2011

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Why Mid-Managers Are Lifeblood from Kevin Burns on Vimeo.

Kevin Burns, Workplace Expert, says most middle managers get very little training and are thrust into a role that most are ill-prepared for. It is the most thankless job and the one with the highest “hassle” factor. Add to that, when the economy tanks, middle managers are usually the first to go. The truth is, I am on the side of middle managers. I want them to get better.



1. Stephan Klaschka - June 14, 2011

All good points, Thanks! I wouldn’t see middle-management isolated from the upper levels though. While I agree that a middle-manager is in a most challenging position, middle-management also serves a different role than executive leadership. Here is where I am coming from: http://wp.me/pWfxc-1A

2. peddlenmarket - June 14, 2011

I cannot agree more. Middle management is like the backbone of any one firm. As top level managers are important as well, developing the future of an organization, middle managers are responsible for implementation. 75%-80% of innovative process fail at the implementation phase. I sir, am also on the side of middle managers!

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