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Ask The Right Questions for Filter-Free Friday™ May 20, 2010

Posted by Kevin Burns in #fff, #filterfreefriday, assertiveness, attitude, attitude speaker, business model, corporate culture, customer relations, filter free friday, kevin burns, keynote speaker, manager.
make them be better“How was your stay?” That’s the question asked by the hotel clerk as she did other things on the computer. She didn’t even look at me.

“Not very good,” was my response. Suddenly, shocked, she looked at me.

I explained that the Internet connection didn’t work (called the desk the night before), half of the TV channels had picture but no sound and a broken retractor arm on the window allowed the window to be opened but not closed.

The hotel manager approached, apologized and offered me a 1/3 discount on the room.

Then I suggested to him the following: stop asking customers how their stay was, their meal was, their experience was. Customers will answer “fine” so as to not seem to complain. Instead, ask your customers if there is anything that needs attention. Ask restaurant patrons to rate their meal on a scale of 1 to 10. Ask your customers how you can better serve them – especially when they are happy. And then engage them in conversation to find ways to fix it. Stop asking the wrong questions. You look like an amateur.

And customers, stop answering “fine” if you’re asked amateurish questions like these.

The hotel manager thanked me for my suggestion commenting that it was indeed a great question to ask. In essence, I was paid $50 for my suggestion. So far, since Filter-Free Fridaylaunched in March 2010, I am now at over $250 in discounts and freebies. Are you getting this? Companies will pay you to be honest.

Speak up! You save money when you do. On Filter-Free Fridays, make them be better: restaurants, hotels, stores, suppliers, co-workers, whatever. Offer some useful, constructive and non-hurtful advice to help others be better. You will get better as well because you will start noticing things that need to be addressed.

Think about it, had the previous guests at the hotel not been such spineless cowards, the room would have been in perfect condition. Not speaking up is selfish and ruins a great experience for others that follow you.

(Bonus FFF Tip #1 for ladies: don’t you dare tip your hairdresser, say nothing and then go out into your car and start to cry because the stylist messed it up. You speak up and make them fix it. And DO NOT tip them when they do. A tip is not a requirement. A happy customer is.)

(Bonus FFF Tip #2: if you’re on Twitter, tweet your #filterfreefriday or #fff idea to others. Let’s get this movement started. Make them be better.)



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