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Best Or Worst May 3, 2010

Posted by Kevin Burns in attitude, attitude expert, attitude of service, attitude speaker, attitude strategist, complain, culture, customer, customer service, engagement, excellence, greatness, kevin burns, keynote speaker, mediocrity, Uncategorized.
When you went to school, who was your best teacher? Was it the teacher who gave you the easy “A” or the teacher who challenged you to improve your grades, to think for yourself and to be creative in your search for answers?

Who was your best boss? Was it the one who didn’t want your input and made you feel insignificant or was it the boss that asked your opinion regurlarly, who brought out your strengths and who helped you find meaning in your work?

So why is it that a customer who speaks up, who doesn’t accept excuses for lousy service and who expects more considered to be a lousy customer? A lousy customer is one who lays down and accepts your lousy performance, who feels apathy toward your mediocre performance and keeps on buying no matter how poorly you perform.

A “good” customer is the one who makes you work for it, who makes you step up your performance to the next level and who voices their concerns to you and your bosses. These “good” customers are the reason you are forced, yes I said forced, to improve. It’s either you get better or you get left behind.

Don’t complain about these customers. These are the folks who separate the great organizations from the ordinary. And honestly, aren’t you tired of ordinary, boring businesses offering ordinary, boring products served by ordinary, boring people who have no connection to their work?

Maybe it’s time you became one of these “good” customers and see how good it feels to make a difference in an organization – whether they like it or not.



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