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Podcasts Now Available November 5, 2007

Posted by Kevin Burns in Uncategorized.

Well, here it is. The long-anticipated release of Kevin’s podcasts – audio versions of his Blog entries.

You can download Kevin’s podcasts as well as getting an update every time a new podcast becomes available. Here is the list of MP3 audio file podcasts available right now.

Boss Tips – Leadership Tips For Bosses (And Those Who Aspire To Be)

Boss Tip #1 – Get Out From Behind Your Desk

Boss Tip #2 – Be The Dumbest Guy in the Room

Boss Tip #3 – Never Be Missed

Boss Tip #4 – Monkey See Monkey Do

Boss Tip #5 – The Leadership Lunch-Menu Test

Boss Tip #6 – Keep Your Mouth Shut

Boss Tip #7 – Uncross Your Fingers

Boss Tip #8 – The Credit Score

Boss Tip #9 – Recognize Your Stars

Boss Tip #10 – Stop Training The Old Way

Boss Tip #11 – There’s No Such Thing As Teambuilding

Boss Tip #12 – Pruning The Garden Without Chemicals

Boss Tip #13 – Switching Drivers

Employee Workplace Tips – Tips For Employees On How To Improve Attitude And Performance.

Tip #1 – What To Do If Your Job Sucks

Tip #2 – You Have Simple Responsibilities

Tip #3 – You Need To Own The Corporate Values

Tip #4 – Job Satisfaction Is Not The Company’s Responsibility

Tip #5 – Steer Clear Of Cynical Co-workers

Tip #6 – Productivity is More Important Than Attitude

Tip #7 – How To Work For A Jerk-Boss



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