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Employee Tip # 6 – Productivity Is More Important Than Attitude July 9, 2007

Posted by Kevin Burns in Uncategorized.

Many employees don’t understand one simple rule: each employee has a responsibility to ensure that their personal crap doesn’t get in the way of someone who is doing a good job. It impedes those who want to move forward and is completely disrespectful. It’s like saying “My bad attitude is more important than your good work.”

How incredibly selfish it is when someone who has nothing good to say about their job, spews their verbal vomit all over everyone else in the hopes of getting someone to agree with them. Once someone agrees with their assessment of the job, they are simply encouraged to continue their bad behaviour.

As an employee, you have a simple responsibility: to keep your end of the bargain. You are being paid for your work – so work. When you stop working, the company has the right to stop paying you. See that was the understanding between you – work for pay.

However, you do not have the right to infect or affect the other people who happen to like their work with your bad attitude about the job. That is selfish. That is disrespectful. That is simply mean. You are welcome to have your opinions about the job and if you have positive suggestions, take them up with the boss – not the rest of the staff (who couldn’t change things anyway).

As for the rest of the staff – when there is someone like this working with you, you have one expectation: do not let anything interfere with you keeping your agreement with the company. It’s up to you to stop your fellow co-workers who impede your personal progress and attitude. You must speak up. If not to the offender directly, then to his or her supervisor. But one way or another you are responsible for putting a stop to this.

Left unchecked, someone’s else’s bad attitude can affect your paycheck. Speaking up also sends a message to the rest of the staff: “I will not let you rob me of my time, my productivity and my space. I am here to do a job and your opinions and bad attitude will not get in the way of my productivity.”

Trust me, you will be respected for putting a stop to it. But sadly, you will likely forget or choose to ignore this. And you will pay.



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